Hi! I'm Raquel! If you're here, you're probably ready to integrate Astrology into your business, relationships, manifestations, or self-care practice, and I'm SO glad you're here! The Academy is a fun + clear Astrology course that has now helped soul many beautiful souls connect to their goals, loved ones, and inner-self. 


Past Academy students have included entrepreneurs, healers, mystics, actors, doctors, therapists, coaches, accountants, yogis, digital nomads, dancers, marketing experts, content creators, artists, educators, deep feelers, dreamers, cosmic ones; The Astro-Soul Academy is full of value, clarity, and helpful methods that anyone and everyone can enjoy, no matter who you are. The Academy is for everyone :)  


We all have an "Astro-Signature" - which is a formula I created by combining the most enlightening and resonant parts of your Astrology: the Sun, Moon, Rising, North + South Nodes of Destiny. There are special ways to work with these energies, and when you do, shifts are almost immediate. The Academy is a self-led course and private portal where I share knowledge and methods with you. You'll be able to immediately start working with your astro-signature. Not only have I worked with the astro-signature personally, but I've watched tons of brilliance and growth from clients inside previous rounds of the Academy!


Despite what's going on in the ever-so-changing World around us, Astrology will always offer us a safe space to get grounded. Your Astrology can set you free, reveal easier paths, deeper truths, and profound exploration. 


Astrology = Alignment ... and inside of the Academy, you'll have access to all the cosmic intelligence you need to create magical results in your life.




You will have immediate, on-demand access to the entire course catalog! There are 6 modules with video lessons, downloads, and methods you can start right away!

In each lesson, we'll break down one aspect of the Astro-Signature and implement embodiment challenges that create heartfelt, authentic results. With each lesson, you'll receive all the permission and cosmic knowledge you've ever needed. As you learn more and more, the World around you will begin to respond differently to you. Everything is energy, and yours is encoded in your Astro-Signature. When we are grounded and self-empowered, everything changes. 


★ Lesson one : How to read a natal chart + identify your Astro-Signature

★ Lesson two // Sun: Energetics & Identity- how to work with your personal power and energy

★ Lesson three // Moon: Emotional self and deepest desires- navigating instincts, intuition, and feelings

★ Lesson four // Rising: Social personality and vibrational frequency- download all the codes!

★ Lesson five // North Node: What our Soul came here to embody- exploring the pathway to flow and abundance

★ Lesson six // South Node: Past lives, unconscious patterns- what to refine, and how to empathize with our past selves



The Academy was designed to be enjoyed over the course of 60 days, but if you're anything like me and you have a massive thirst for knowledge and personal development... BINGE IT!


tap into your most abundant level yet and get cosmic.



The Astro-Soul Academy was a tipping point for me during a time in my life where every foundational element that had been constructed, was no more. There was a faint whisper of curiosity, that grew louder, until I finally answered the call. Becoming a member was one of the best decisions I have made for my healing and growth, on all levels. From integration challenges, to expert guest speakers, the Academy is a one-stop shop, if you will, of self-discovery. The power this holds to personal development is priceless. It has launched a cosmic force of energy and has catapulted me into building a new, solid foundation, entirely based on me.. Katya Zajac

Katya Zajac, KCZ, MAAT, ATR

I’ve taken a lot of programs and courses and what I can say about the Astro-Soul Academy is that it’s one of the most classy, valuable, and streamlined courses I’ve ever taken. The information is so structured, the challenges are really easy to implement, yet insanely insightful. I would recommend this program to anyone who is a human. If you love personal development, there’s no better way to get yourself to the next level. I’ve had so many eye-opening experiences within this program and I plan on repeating the course an endless amount of times. Love it so much! 

Alexis Krystina, Certified Public Accountant & Entrepreneur


  • Learn some kick-ass, transformational Astrology
  • Understand more of your quirks and superpowers
  • Finally be able to learn about all of the signs and have it all make sense
  • Apply Astrological energies to your everyday life (content, biz, relationships, manifesting, healing +)
  • Connect deeply to your inner-self
  • Create from a place of truth and self-trust 
  • Learn things about yourself and uncover elements of your inner-being that are waiting for you 
  • Enjoy the Academy content as a tool to deepen your connection with others by learning their Astrology, too!



Astrosoul Academy changed everything for me in regards to my personal expression, how I created content for my business AS a marketer, and how I understood & connected myself at a deeper level.

Taking this course literally helped me find my cosmic “juice” from the inside so that I could use it to create success on the outside. Since the academy, I feel like I’ve fully embodied my Astro-essence and have finally learned how to use who I am to create pleasure, joy, and better yet, money in my world as an entrepreneur, content creator, and digital influencer.

Falyn Satterfield, Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur, Influencer

I am a HUGE fan of Astrology. I read tons of books and I've tried to teach myself what I could. I decided to join the Astro Course, and couldn't be happier with my decision! The group of women that are in this course are also so beautiful and bring so much to the table. This course gave me the fundamental foundation for understanding Astrology on a better level. The embodiment challenges really allow you to step into who you truly are and who you want to become. The Astro Course has EASILY become one of my favorite groups to be apart of and engage in. You won't regret this investment. Your future self will thank you.

Jen Morilla, The Social Girl Traveler

Say "F*&& Yes" to the Astro-Soul Academy, IF:

  • You want to learn your personal Astrology to deepen your confidence and self-trust

  • You want to show up fully, while also honoring your heart & boundaries

  • You LOVE Astrology, and have a curiosity to go deeper with it 

  • You're ready to experience the flow that comes with being Astrologically aligned

  • You want to live a VIBRANT life with the power of the Planets in your back pocket

  • You're ready to tap into more truth, more abundance, and more magic 

  • You want to embrace and self-seek, vs. feel constant pressure to change the essence of who you truly are

  • You want to share your gifts and powers with the World around you 


How long is the course?

You will have instant access to the entire course with the option to download all of the material to keep forever! 

The Academy was designed to be enjoyed over the course of 60 days but you can go at whatever pace you like! All of the content is binge-worthy.

What is included?

The entire course catalog:

  • 6 in-depth Astrology lessons + integration practices (each lesson covers ALL 12 signs!)
  • Tutorials and videos 

We're all in different places, moving through different layers, and riding emotional waves. This course is designed so that we can all consume according to our own schedules and styles- while still receiving everything we need.

Do I need to be a business owner to join?

Absolutely not! The Academy is inclusive- Everyone is welcome! 

Some people use their Astro-Signature for business, others for love and family, and others are here simply to learn more Astrology!

You don't have to own a business or even be tech savvy to take this course.

You will get to know yourself on a deeper, more intimate level and what you do with the Soul activation is entirely up to you! #freewill

Does this experience require me to know Astrology?

Not at all :) You will learn here.

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Rising
  • North Node
  • South Node
  • Natal Chart Reading

++ how to integrate all of it!


Where you are at is perfect :)

What is the price?

A one-time investment of $397 will give you access to the entire course + downloadable content! 

How do I know if this is right for me?

Okay well #1, you have to decide for you. But... see if this resonates: 

  • You love Astrology and want to learn more
  • You have an idea, offer, manifestation, goal, desire, or dream that you are READY to explore and bring into reality
  • You want to learn about yourself through Astrology
  • You understand the importance of showing up as your TRUE self, not who they want you to be
  • You're ready for a fresh start, new beginning, or new path
  • You're getting a "YES" reading this



Raquel is the real deal. As well as being a super knowledgeable, wise and intuitive Astrologer, Raquel emanates love for her clients. She has a really big heart and truly cares for her those who she meets on her path. She is a lightworker who is here to help those she works with to understand their journey as well as utilize their fullest potential. Her teachings guide people through the challenges of everyday life so you can take the beauty and gifts in the lessons moving forward with grace and ease. 

Amy E., Spiritual Entrepreneur & CEO

Raquel is an astrologer that is in her zone of genius. Her vast depth of knowledge combines with her incredibly strong intuition and generosity of spirit to make for a powerful and validating astrology experience. I just re-listened to our very first reading together from almost a year ago and it is striking how resonant it is today and how much has come to fruition during that time. Raquel is my go-to person to keep up with the stars; she knows her stuff and delivers the information in a way that is real, honest, connected and always leaves room for individual agency and expansion into the moment. Katie Hoch

Katie Hoch, LCSW, RYT 200 Yoga + Mindfulness Teacher

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