Leo Full Moon Horoscopes

Hola, my love! We have an abundant and heart-centered Full Moon in Leo, dazzling the sky at 11:56am et on February 16th. While we'll be fully enchanted with Leo's bold energy, we're also called to balance show with action as the Sun sits opposite in progressive Aquarius. We look at both the symbiosis and differences between observation and performance when we dive into the Leo/Aquarius axis, and this is where we might be called to evolve. How are you showing up to the World, and what for? This Full Moon offers us the chance to shine through expressing our deepest passions.

Just before the Full Moon, Venus and Mars will connect in practical earth sign Capricorn, creating serious impact and improvement in our lives. This dynamic energy, lasting until March 12th, will help us not only center creation, but actually go after what we want with vigor and a plan. When Venus (planet of love, desire, triumph, money) connects with Mars (planet of action, drive, motivation, separation) they make a whirlwind experience of raw sensuality and embodiment. We're called to bridge the gap between our emotional and physical selves. Venus wants to bring things together whereas Mars loves to separate so when they come together, they teach us a LOT about compromise. What's the Venus mission, and how can Mars help make it happen? 

Keywords: Creativity, Joy, Expression, Romance, Pleasure

As always, Full Moon time encourages a release of some sort, particularly from the last 6 months. I like to think of it as clearing space for new abundance to enter my life. One suggestion is to work with the fire element, safely burning away what no longer serves you. I also love this lunar energy for manifestation! Leo offers the most romantic, creative energies and we get to integrate them to create sacred growth in our lives. 

Herbs: hyssop, rosemary, lemon balm, valerian 

Crystals: carnelian, sunstone, rose quartz, citrine 

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As for today, let's take a deeper look with Leo Full Moon Horoscopes. I suggest reading for your rising sign, but choose your own adventure :) 

Aries: Galavanting through your zone of romance and creativity, this Full Moon brings a blast of chemistry into your life. From leaning into love, to connecting with children, to showing up to shine for life, this lunation is warming. It asks you to embrace what truly feels good, and consider leaving the rest. Express what's in your heart and on your mind. Mars and Venus are creating big waves when it comes to how you assert yourself to the world, which will open you up to endless opportunities. Consider: The more I express myself, the more influential I am.

Taurus: Touching down in your domestic and sensitive house of intuition, this Full Moon is sure to bring lots of buried messages and emotions to the surface. You could find yourself decluttering your space, improving your home, or making internal adjustments when it comes to what you need deep down in your heart. Focus on what and whom feels like home to you. It's a time to explore and adventure with Mars and Venus on a rendezvous through your adventure sector, so don't be afraid to say YES to something new. Consider: When I trust my intuition, I grow immensely.

Gemini: This passionate Full Moon shines it's illuminating light on your communication zone, encouraging you to live a fully expressed life. It's an excellent time to connect in community, to share your ideas, and to set collaborations in stone. Remember that people love to hear from you! The powers of manifestation are strong with you right now as Mars and Venus blaze through your magical and erotic 8th house. Let things that have naturally ran their course burn down because this is your time to rise from the ashes. Consider: When I speak my ultimate truths, magic happens.

Cancer: Passionate and fiery, the Leo Full Moon activates your relationship with your senes and the material world. It's possible (and likely!) that you've been working hard at something for the last 6 months, and now your efforts will be rewarded. Making budget tweaks could prove valuable at this time, and so could putting yourself out there so that you can be appreciated and valued. Connect somatically and let yourself feel grounded in your body as you continue pushing your passions forward. Mars and Venus connect to help deepen and strengthen your personal relationships. Consider: When I focus on my foundation, my relationships blossom.

Leo: This once-a-year Full Moon beams it's powerful light down on you, making you the absolute star of the show! You have new paths available to walk down, and there's an undeniable cue to truly be the person you want to be in this world, unapologetically. Enjoy this fresh slate and express yourself fully, knowing that the right people will always find you! This reboot comes at a perfect time as Mars and Venus hang out in your mind/body/soul area, inspiring you toward new routines and rituals. You come into a new awareness about how important you really truly are. Consider: When I choose myself, I'm honoring what is essential. 

Virgo: It's time to embrace endings and completion as this year's Leo Full Moon lands in a private area of your chart that asks you to release and heal. Where do you need closure in order to move forward? You might find reprieve and magic in hypnosis/meditation, finding out that healthy detachment feels more aligned than you may have realized. This is a fertile time for you where you're raising your standards and getting super creative with Mars and Venus in your pleasure and performance sector. Consider: When I let go, I make space to experience more.

Libra: Landing in your zone of friendships, collaboration, and technology... this Full Moon invites you to connect deeply, especially with the causes and people you care for the most. You might take a serious look at internet consumption and social media, asking yourself important questions about where you might need to make adjustments to have a healthier connection. It's the perfect moment to update and upgrade. Your intuition will now be your greatest guide with Mars and Venus taking shelter in your domestic zone of instincts and inner-conversations. Expect improvements to your home space, including the home within your heart. Consider: It is safe for me to connect freely and openly.

Scorpio: It's time to receive the well-deserved recognition that is on it's way to you with this Full Moon. Do you have a long term project that's come to completion, or is it at a turning point? This lunation could bring major successes into your life and help you assert yourself in the world. You might find yourself feeling v influential. Don't be shy about asking for exactly what you want because Mars and Venus are traversing through your communication sector together, asking you to be fully expressed so that things can move forward and meet the new standards you've been creating. Consider: When I show up, my truths get communicated.

Sagittarius: Good news! This year's Leo Full Moon asks you to lean into one of your favorite things ever- adventure! Not that you need an excuse or reason to explore the world around you, but this Full Moon is it and highlights the abundance area of your chart. Learn ferociously and share your wisdoms with other people when and where you can, remembering there's so much value in it. There's some important action taking place in the money and material sector of your chart thanks to Mars and Venus, and they want you to rework your money foundation so that you can achieve the material successes you crave. Consider: When I open up to the world, abundance opens to me.

Capricorn: A flame is lit with the Leo Full Moon starting a fire in your zone of magic, money, and manifestation. You could experience some major connection and commitment, so be sure not to settle for anything that doesn't meet the new standards you've been carefully crafting for yourself. Big waves of emotion come to the surface so that you can work with them and transmute them. Remember that it's safe to transform. With Mars and Venus trailing together through your zone of identity and energetic frequency, you're meant to be making some changes at this time... so ride the waves! Consider: when I hold my standards, I hold myself.

Aquarius: Relationships and partnerships are coming into focus as la luna in Leo shines her light in your opposite sign. Have you ever noticed that relationships can sometimes mirror? Have you ever seen yourself in someone else? This is a time to grow relationships, yes, and that might start with arguably the most important relationship of all: the relationship with self. It might be time to let something (or several things) go with Mars and Venus flirting with your zone of endings, releasing, and healing. Spirituality becomes a nice off-set. Where might you be able to loosen your grip? Consider: When I connect with others, I'm having a spiritual experience. 

Pisces: The exciting Leo Moon lights up your zone of mind/body/soul, helping you realize what's working and what no longer is. You're setting a new tone when it comes to self-love and self-care, and that helps you help others even more. You might be thinking of more efficient ways of doing things, or ways to clean up your daily routines and habits so that you can feel overall more aligned. It's time to consider yourself as essential. Gather up your crew, create your team- Mars and Venus activate your collaboration zone, urging you to connect in community and friendship like never before. Remember: we were never meant to do it all alone! Consider: When I  put myself first, everyone benefits.

The Cosmic Takeaway: How can we show up and shine?! 

I'm wishing you an incredible Full Moon experience! 


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