Client Testimonial ♡

I recently received a client testimonial from someone I adore very much and wanted to share it here with all of you as it brought me back to my "why" in the best way possible: 

"Before I booked in, I was a little apprehensive because I’ve had experiences with readers who leave you feeling powerless to what’s in your chart but after Raquel’s reading, I was left feeling energized, full of hope and inspired. 

Raquel has a beautiful way of grounding the information in a practical way and showing you that even though there are planetary influences that may pull you into shadow, there’s scope for big magic and there is powerful work you can do if you know how to use those to your advantage. 

Raquel helped me to face one of my biggest fears around being seen and fully expressing myself and gave me actual strategic information based on my chart that I could implement straight away to generate cash in my business. 

I started implementing everything we spoke about right away and worked on the shadow aspects of the planetary transits that were influencing me and I now feel so much more confident in expressing myself fully. 

That’s resulted in so much more engagement as I’ve learned through Raquel how to communicate in a powerful way and harness the gifts I’ve already mastered. 

And it’s working - engagement on my marketing has blown up, I feel GREAT about the content I’m generating and even my clients have expressed how much more potent our sessions have been lately. 

The thing that struck me about Raquel was how genuine she is in supporting you even beyond the actual session. 

I’ve only had one session so far and it’s been so deeply impactful in my life and I could FEEL the shift even before we ended our session. 

That session has been the gift that keeps giving. 

What I LOVE about Raquel is she goes beyond the love and light, typical airy fairy stuff and blends the world of astrology, energy AND practical strategies that are supported by the strengths of your chart. 

So you leave not only with a much deeper understanding of how you operate, but also knowing clearly how to apply that information in a practical way that generates results immediately. 

I left our session full of ideas and inspiration, having had a lot of affirmation around some things I knew deep down I always wanted to do but was doubting myself. 

Raquel holds you in such a safe space and with so much genuine love and support and that energy lasts well beyond the session!

Thank you for such a powerful reading and for sharing your wisdom in such an easy way to digest, apply and restore my own confidence in what I’m truly capable of!

If you’re considering working with Raquel, just do it! 

Raspreet Sagoo

Manifesting & Life Purpose Coach

Divine Sacred Soul. "

Working with Ras was a complete joy and I felt beyond privileged to connect with her through her cosmic story. Ras is such a beautiful human and being in her presence as an Astrologer was a total gift. I love consult experiences that feel like pure magic and they're a huge reason why I love being a consulting Astrologer. That being said, I adored my time with Ras and look forward to speaking with her again! 





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