Hola, I'm Raquel! 

I'm an Astrologer & Coach for those who want to create authentic success while stepping fully into their personal powers! In my 3 Month Astro-Coaching Experience, you'll experience shifts that lead to major growth in your life. I use the powers of Psychological Astrology, Tarot, Energetic Work, and heart-felt strategies that are uniquely designed for you to achieve your goals.

I've worked in the field of Personal Development for 8 years. I've helped others break subconscious patterns, align with their Cosmic DNA, heal deep wounds, and embrace their gifts so they can live in bliss and abundance. I've been witness to hundreds of breakthroughs and many magical moments. 

My clients achieve the results they want because we focus on astrological alignment and intentional strategies to move you forward. 

I have the gift of discernment (Virgo!) and I can easily locate your blockages and opportunities. I'm a creative and constructive coach and I love to hold a mirror to your experience so you can truly see yourself for the radiant, audacious, and powerful person you are. 

I believe more than anything that what we want and wish for is valid...

... and possible to achieve no matter what. 

I'm here to support you in your process and help you find the most aligned path to your dreams. You'll be pleasantly surprised how much growth and change can take place for you during our 3 months together. 

Take a look around this page to learn more about the 3 Month Astro-Coaching Experience and how to get started 

In Love & Power,



Take the leap. You will not regret it. Raquel is wise, gracious, kind, deeply knowledgeable, smart AF, and packs many tools in her kit. She is willing to channel all of this into her 1:1 work. If you're willing and ready, the shifts will be profound.

Adrienne J.

Raquel is my go-to person to keep up with the stars; she knows her stuff and delivers the information in a way that is real, honest, connected and always leaves room for individual agency and expansion into the moment.

Katie H.


↠ Learning how to trust yourself and your intuition to help you strengthen your ability to guide yourself 

↠ Understanding outdated patterns and how to transcend them so you can release what no longer serves you

↠ Self-love and confidence that will change the way you approach your life

↠ Healing deep wounds so you can move forward without fear or doubt

↠ Strengthening your Business/Career 

↠ Heartfelt support & nourishment so that you always feel cared for 

↠ Space holding & active listening so that you never feel unheard or alone in what you're going through 

↠ Development of Emotional & Material Wealth so you can feel abundant

↠ Growing your manifestation techniques so you can call in what you want

↠ Somatic breakthrough practices & Reiki to deepen your experience (as requested)

↠ Tapping into your most creative self so you never feel stuck again 

↠ Tarot to seek answers, clarity & insights (as requested)

↠ Alignment with your Astrology so you can life in full faith that you're where you're supposed to be 

↠ Embodiment practices and activities based on your personal needs and desires 

↠ Additional support tailored to your individual experience 


How long will we work together?

This is a 3 month Astro-Coaching experience that will begin approximately 1-2 weeks after you sign up, depending on my current schedule.

* If you are already a client and you'd like an extension, let me know by emailing [email protected] 

What is your support style like?

My support style is intentional, attentive, nurturing, transparent, and shared through the spirit of Love.

I'm educated (and currently continuing education) in the field of Psychological Astrology. I'm educated as a Tarot Practitioner and I'm a Reiki Practitioner under Carlos Caridad. I also practice trauma-informed care. 

Clients maintain autonomy during our work together because I honor everyone's individual journey.

I'm here to be your cheerleader, biggest supporter, confidant, and astro-bestie! 

What are the details every month?

We will gather for a powerful and impactful Astro-Coaching session twice a month. You can bring whatever topic is on your mind or in your heart to the call and I will coach you through. Depending on your needs, I'll give you practices to do in between our calls for added support and nourishment. 

*** This is individual coaching, not a group program ***

What if I need to reach out between our calls?

If life happens (as it often does!) and you need support between calls, you're encouraged to contact me for a 15 minute Crossroads Call which will guide you to the right path so you can move forward. You can reach out for Crossroad Calls once a month. 

If you opt for Voxer support, you can reach out any time.

What level of support can I expect?

You can expect a high-touch level of attention. My role is to ensure your well-being and growth. With that, you can rely on me to show up consistently. You will be mindfully coached, guided, and supported.

Do you offer Voxer?

Yes! If you're looking for a higher level of support, we can talk throughout our time together on Voxer. You'll be able ask me questions between our calls, reach out for guidance, request tarot/reiki/additional practices, and of course-- you'll have someone to listen to whats on your mind. 

I'm available for Voxer Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm central and will always respond to you within 24-48 hours, usually quicker. 

Does this experience require me to know Astrology?

Definitely not! I'm here to study your Astrology so that you don't have to! 

What is the investment for your coaching?

The investment to coach with me $1500 for our 3 Month Journey, which can be split into 3 monthly payments of $500, or paid in full and save- $1395



 If you feel that I can help you and you're ready for growth, transformation, and a new level of success... it's time officially become a client! Select the exchange that's most comfortable for you below, and I will be in touch to schedule our first call! 


I would often go in circles trying to work out my issues by myself - it would be fear and doubt that would feed on each other. Working with Raquel has cleared all of that and allowed me to have deeper clarity and to be more in tune with my body, my desires, and my dreams.

Tara V.

Raquel guided me back into feeling, and I dove into those darker parts of me with love and support from her. She is in-depth and focused on helping you become your best and highest self. I recommend her 1:1 work to anyone experiencing a transformation they cannot shift through on their own. Anyone who wants to deep dive into their personal spiritual experiences and how to integrate healing and transformation into their lives.

Ashley A.

The accountability I have in working with Raquel means I no longer get to give up on myself when things feel hard. Instead, I get to feel supported, encouraged, and loved. I have changed and grown so much, and everyone deserves to give that gift to themselves. If you're ready to take action and manifest in a massive way, take the next step and apply to work with Raquel. There is honestly no one else I'd rather do this work with, and to know where I am now (and where I'm headed!) wouldn't be possible without the inspired action I've been able to take since working with her.

Danielle F.

Working with Raquel has given me new-found confidence to embrace my voice and become the greatest expression of my heart. 

Katya Z.

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