Hello! I'm Raquel, professional Astrologer & Tarot Reader. I'm so glad you've found your way here!

I've had my practice for 9 years and in that time I've worked closely with clients bringing them clarity, answers, healing, and empowerment through my readings. I work with those who have questions about life and are curious about how to move forward on the most aligned and abundant path. I'm here to share the wisdoms of Astrology & Tarot with you so you can create your dream life and live in your fullest potential.

I am a powerful intuitive (not to be confused with a psychic) who is here to guide and support you as you embrace your super powers! My work is based on 15 years of study and tons of experience with clients. 

I know sometimes it can be tough/scary to find the right reader, especially here in New Orleans, but you'll love my style of reading which is uplifting, positive, and very nurturing.

My readings will help you with any anxiety you might be feeling around the past, present & future.

I do in-person readings in my beautiful home, phone readings, and I can also travel within New Orleans proper (bywater, french quarter, business district, garden district) for intimate group gatherings- perfect for the boho bride, bachelorette parties, birthdays, or girl's trips.

Readings are a combination of Astrology & Tarot so you can get the most out of your experience. 

Follow the link below to schedule your time with me! I can't wait to meet you!



In-Person or Phone

Receive clarity, answers, and support with your most important questions using the power of Astrology/Tarot. We'll find the exact ingredient that will stimulate your growth as you step fully into your power!


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