Fall Taurus-Scorpio Eclipses

Hola, Angel! Now that it's October, it's about time we discuss upcoming eclipse season! 

The Taurus-Scorpio eclipses mark the most intense times of the year. With them they bring a power greater than ourselves to accelerate necessary change both personally and collectively. The eclipses will show us that we cannot grow if we don’t let go of our outdated identities, toxic power dynamics, and that which does not hold true integrity in our lives. Eclipses initiate our internal evolution process; a process that no longer requires us to be anyone we are not. The themes and characteristics of Taurus-Scorpio add texture and depth to our eclipse stories, such as: magic, money, natural resources, self-esteem, decay and rebirth, financial systems, debts, security, sexual relations, intimacy, and much more. Ultimately, we don’t know how the eclipses will impact us until they’ve happened, so be mindful of false predictions that turn into self-fulfilling prophecies.

What we can do is some radical reflection of what was happening in our lives on November 19th, 2021. This was the beginning of the chapter we’re currently living out as we move through Taurus-Scorpio eclipses. Who, what, when, where, why? We could also look to Spring of this year (end of April, early May) for continued reflection.


  • October 25th: Solar Eclipse 2º Scorpio {Transformation & Revelations}
  • November 8th: Lunar Eclipse 16º Taurus {Cyclical endings & Embodiment}

The first eclipse in our Fall 2022 eclipse set is in Scorpio. The energies here are FELT. Scorpio represents emotional depth and the exploration of our shadow selves. We are called to detoxification and rising up like a phoenix. We might see unexpected opportunities and insights. We could view old wounds, resentments & deeper truths in a new light. True colors emerge. Still waters run deep.

The second eclipse in our Fall 2022 eclipse set is in Taurus. The energies here are EMBODIED. Taurus represents the material and physical realm, especially as it relates to our sense of safety and self-esteem. We are asked to release everything and anything that does not serve us on a soul level. We might come to terms with what has crystallized and release for different results. Resources may come and go on personal and worldly levels. Mother Earth reigns supreme. 

All eclipses are a time of impactful endings as well as exciting new beginnings. They’re unpredictable and urge us to loosen our grip as fate and destiny orchestrate the shifts we are perhaps unable to facilitate for ourselves. It’s a time to pay attention to our internal and external experience, our personal lives and world news.

One thing I find important to mention is that the November 8th eclipse coincides with Election Day here in the U.S. which is a major time in history where great change can happen. The midterms are seriously impactful for us, especially on issues like abortion, gun laws, the economy + more. This has so much to do with power dynamics, dismantling, money, resources & autonomy of our bodies and even debt (student loan forgiveness) Sounds quite Taurus-Scorpio to me. 

Another compelling fact is that Mars stations retrograde during the eclipse portal. (I call the time between eclipses the “eclipse portal”) It happens on October 30th at 9:25am et, 25º Gemini. Mars rx in Gemini (ending in January 2023 at 8º Gem) exacerbates our mental energy, how we connect, our internal processing system and our concept of time. Our minds will be busy and we could be prone to scattered overthinking. The good news about Mars rx? It's an opportunity to take action (Mars) when it comes to reviewing everything from technology to communication to community efforts. We can review and reflect, reorganize and regroup. Since things wont be happening as quickly as we might expect them to, we have more time to be intentional. Because we will likely encounter a lot of stop signs on the journey, we get to pause and discern. We get to explore curiosity that could lead us to breakthroughs. 

Also during the eclipse portal we have Jupiter (planet of growth, abundance, and higher consciousness) leaving fiery Aries and returning to the mystical waters of Pisces. Jupiter will be in this compassionate and emotional sign from October 28th to December 20th at which point it will re-enter Aries with full force. While in Pisces, Jupiter will enhance our magic and help us see things from a gentler, more peaceful lens. It's a beautiful time for poetry, taking care of others/animals/the earth, the arts, dance, self-expression, and kindness. This cosmic shift could help soften the edges of the eclipses. 

The eclipses will be different for all of us. No two eclipse stories are ever the same- we are nuanced humans and we are all living our own individual journeys. What I can say is that the Taurus-Scorpio parts of our charts will be most activated. These areas of life are where the most action and change will occur, so be sure to gently analyze them and stay open-minded because anything can happen. If you're a fixed sign you will feel the eclipses more profoundly (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) and if you're a Taurus or Scorpio rising... well babe, you're the star of the show!

Here's some light and gentle eclipse themes for all 12 signs. These were written for your rising sign (as most horoscopes are) but you can also read for your Sun sign for added insights! I will be writing more in-depth horoscopes as we get closer to the eclipses, but for now try to consider these keywords and what they might mean to you: 

Aries: Scorpio eclipse: transformation, Taurus eclipse: foundation

Taurus: Scorpio eclipse: relationship evolution, Taurus eclipse: identity shifting

Gemini: Scorpio eclipse: work, Taurus eclipse: letting go 

Cancer: Scorpio eclipse: pleasure, Taurus eclipse: community

Leo: Scorpio eclipse: home, Taurus eclipse: ethics

Virgo: Scorpio eclipse: communication, Taurus eclipse: expansion

Libra: Scorpio eclipse: money, Taurus eclipse: magic

Scorpio: Scorpio eclipse: self, Taurus eclipse: love

Sagittarius: Scorpio eclipse: spirituality, Taurus eclipse: mind-body-soul

Capricorn: Scorpio eclipse: hopes and wishes, Taurus eclipse: creativity

Aquarius: Scorpio eclipse: career, Taurus eclipse: intuition

Pisces: Scorpio eclipse: growth, Taurus eclipse: your mind

Remember that eclipses never change anything that's truly meant for us. The truth will always set us free. Let your intuition be your guide and prioritize your soul's needs. As the eclipses speed up time and catapult us into new energies, don't be afraid: Eclipses happen for us, not to us.

In power, 


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... because the portal is enchantedly unpredictable.