Hola, I'm Raquel!

Astrologer & Cosmic Coach ♡

As an entrepreneur in the spiritual space, I've learned a lot about the role money plays in our lives and how sacred it is.

While we know money isn't what matters the most, we're also allowed to affirm with confidence that money is important and it can be extremelyyyyyy positive and exciting. Money can set us free in so many ways!

Astrology has been the most beneficial tool for myself and clients when it comes to healing and strengthening our relationship with money. One of the main concepts I teach is that money is energy... and we can channel this energy using the power of Astrology. 

I created Moneystrology: The Course to help you build a healthy bond and connection with money so that you can attract more of it. I'll share all of the astro-money methods that I use personally and professionally. You'll learn how to use your own astrological natal chart as a "money map" for success.

If you're interested in a positive mindset shift and cosmic tips and tricks to guide you, this course is for you 



  • This experience will help you cultivate a new and improved relationship with money using the power of your Astrology!

  • You'll learn personalized astro-money techniques that will expand the way you approach and create money in your life 

  • You will unlock the limitless potential of your Natal Chart and heal old money wounds that hold you back from abundance

  • You'll discover exactly how to work with your Astrology & the energetics of Money so more of it can flow to you 

  • Instant access to 4 fun and instructional classes led by me, Raquel, which are pre-recorded so you can learn when it's most convenient for your schedule

  • Q&A in your private class portal (ask me anything as you explore the course!)
  • Your own copy of the Astro-Money Manual to use during the course and daily/weekly as you continue your journey with money 
  • Each class will teach you powerful methods you can implement immediately

  • Take one class a week (suggested) or binge all 4! Choose your own adventure!


Moneystrology Course Investment: $250

Enter into an expansive space of money magic and watch your world grow abundantly. Learn about your astrological opportunities. 

  • Creative ways to play in the energy of money based on your own unique natal chart 

  • Mindset shifts around the way you feel about money

  • Special coaching during each class that will inspire and support you 

  • Exciting activation and new knowledge you can use in the future over and over again 
  • You'll discover exactly how to work with your Astrology & the energetics of Money so more of it can flow to you 

Looking for more?

Become a 1:1 client for 3 or 6 months of conscious and cosmic coaching that will guide you to your next level in life, whether thats financially, personally, or spiritually ♡ This experience is for those who are interested in achieving an advanced level of support.


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